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Mossy Nissan National City: Saluting Our Heroes with Exclusive Military Program

At Mossy Nissan National City, we hold immense respect and gratitude for the brave men and women who serve in the military. Understanding the sacrifices made by our service members, we are proud to offer a Military Program that provides special pricing and offers to honor their commitment and service to our nation.

The Military Program at Mossy Nissan National City

Our Military Program is designed to show our appreciation for the military community. It offers exclusive discounts and pricing on new Nissan vehicles for active, reserve, retired, and veteran military personnel. This program is our way of saying thank you and providing a token of recognition for their invaluable service. Eligible military members can benefit from significant savings, making it easier and more affordable to own a reliable and high-quality Nissan vehicle.

A Salute to Our Service Members

To the courageous individuals in the military, both past and present, we extend our deepest thanks. Your dedication and sacrifices in serving our country do not go unnoticed. At Mossy Nissan National City, we are committed to showing our appreciation through actions, not just words. Our Military Program is a testament to our gratitude, offering tangible benefits as a small gesture of our immense appreciation for your service.

Military Program Eligibility at Mossy Nissan National City

At Mossy Nissan National City, we honor the commitment and sacrifices of our military personnel by offering a special Military Program. This program is our way of saying thank you and providing tangible support to those who have served our country. Understanding who is eligible for this program is essential for taking advantage of these special offerings.

Who is Eligible?

1. Active and Reserve Military Members:
The program is open to active duty and reserve members of the U.S. Army, Army National Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Air National Guard, Coast Guard, and the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Additionally, spouses and domestic partners of these service members are also eligible to participate in the program.

2. U.S. Military Veterans:
Veterans who are within 24 months of separation from active or reserve duty can take advantage of the program. This inclusion ensures that recent veterans are recognized and supported in their transition to civilian life.

3. U.S. Military Retirees:
Those who have completed 20 years of active or reserve duty are eligible as retirees. This category includes individuals on the Permanent Disability Retired List (PDRL) and the Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL), acknowledging their service and commitment.

4. Surviving Spouses and Gold Star Family Members:
The program extends its gratitude to the surviving spouses, children, or parents of service members. To qualify, participants must provide a copy of the DD-214, a summary of benefits letter, or a death certificate, ensuring that the families of fallen heroes are also honored and supported.

How the Nissan Military Program Works


If you're an active, reserve, retired member of the US Military, or a veteran within 12 months of active duty, you're eligible for this program. It's our way of extending our gratitude and ensuring that you receive the maximum savings on your new Nissan vehicle.

Easy Process:

  • Visit Mossy Nissan National City: Your first step is to come to our dealership. Our team is ready and waiting to welcome you with open arms.

  • Find Your Perfect Nissan: Browse our extensive selection to find a vehicle that suits your needs, whether it's a rugged truck, a spacious SUV, or a sleek sedan.

  • Drive Off For Less: Once you've selected your ideal vehicle, take advantage of the special savings and drive off with a fantastic deal.

  • You Serve, You Save
    The Nissan Military Program is more than just a discount; it's a tribute to your service and sacrifice.

As part of this program, eligible members can save between $500 and $1,000. What makes this deal even more appealing is that it can be combined with all current national and regional incentives. This means more savings for you, making it easier and more affordable to own the Nissan you've always wanted.

Mossy Nissan National City: Honoring Our Heroes

At Mossy Nissan National City, we recognize the sacrifices made by our military personnel. This program is our small way of giving back to those who have given so much. We are committed to providing not just great savings, but also a hassle-free and respectful car buying experience. Our team understands the unique needs of military members and their families, and we strive to ensure that your car buying journey is as rewarding as possible.

Mossy Nissan National City: A Community of Gratitude

At Mossy Nissan National City, we recognize the immense contribution of our military members and their families. Our Military Program is a reflection of our gratitude and a commitment to serving those who have so bravely served our country. We invite all eligible participants to explore this program and discover the benefits awaiting them.

We understand the unique needs of military families and are dedicated to providing a service that is as honorable as the service of our military personnel. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect Nissan vehicle that suits your lifestyle and needs, with the respect and gratitude you rightfully deserve.

Mossy Nissan National City: A Pillar of Trust and Reliability

Over the years, Mossy Nissan National City has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner within the National City community. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing exceptional service and building lasting relationships with our customers. Our dedication to serving the military community is part of this commitment, ensuring that service members receive the respect, honor, and quality service they deserve.

Whether you're stationed nearby or call National City home, Mossy Nissan National City invites you to experience the difference of a dealership that values integrity, quality, and community service. We stand ready to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle that meets your needs and preferences, backed by a dealership that you can trust and rely on.

A Tribute to Military Service at Mossy Nissan National City

At Mossy Nissan National City, we believe in honoring the dedication and sacrifice of our military heroes. Our Military Program is more than just an offer; it's a symbol of our gratitude and respect for those who protect and serve our nation. We are proud to provide special pricing and exclusive benefits to active, reserve, and veteran military personnel as a thank you for their invaluable service. Learn more about Mossy Nissan National City and our commitment to the military community.

For service members seeking a vehicle upgrade, our New Inventory offers a wide selection of models to suit every lifestyle and need. Additionally, our Pre-owned inventory and Certified pre-owned vehicles present quality options at outstanding value. We also provide flexible Financing solutions tailored to your unique situation.

We invite our military community in National City to visit our showroom, where you can experience our appreciation firsthand. Check out our latest Special Offers and schedule a test drive in the Nissan model of your dreams. At Mossy Nissan National City, we stand ready to serve those who have so bravely served us.

Wrapping Up

At Mossy Nissan National City, our Military Program is more than just special pricing — it's a reflection of our respect and gratitude for those who serve. We invite our military heroes to visit us and take advantage of these exclusive offers. Let us help you embark on your next journey with a Nissan vehicle that matches the honor and dignity of your service.


Military Specials at Mossy Nissan National City - Honoring Our Heroes

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