Driving in National City just got a tech upgrade, thanks to the latest offerings at Mossy Nissan National City. Our top models are loaded with cutting-edge technology designed to enhance every aspect of your driving experience. From safety innovations to entertainment must-haves, these features not only make your ride more enjoyable but also safer and more efficient. Let’s explore some of the standout tech features that are turning heads and steering the future of driving right here in National City.

Elevate Your Drive with Advanced Technology from Mossy Nissan National City

Nissan: Staying Connected on the Go

Nissan understands the importance of staying connected and entertained on the road. Here's a closer look at the innovative features that seamlessly integrate your digital life with your Nissan vehicle:

NissanConnect Services with Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (on most models):

  • Turn Your Nissan into a Mobile Hotspot: Imagine having a reliable Wi-Fi connection readily available in your car. NissanConnect Services with Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to do just that. This system transforms your Nissan into a mobile internet hub. Connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even gaming devices to the car's built-in Wi-Fi network and enjoy internet access on the go. This is perfect for:

  • Staying Productive: Remote workers or those who travel frequently can take advantage of NissanConnect Services to stay connected and get work done while on the road.

  • Keeping Passengers Entertained: Long journeys can be tiring for passengers, especially children. With NissanConnect Services Wi-Fi, passengers can stream movies, shows, or games, making even long trips enjoyable.

  • Planning Your Trip: Need to find a gas station, restaurant, or point of interest? Use the Wi-Fi connection to access maps and navigation apps to plan your route or discover hidden gems along the way.

Seamless Smartphone Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto:

  • Mirror Your Phone on the Car's Infotainment System: Gone are the days of fumbling with your phone while driving. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to seamlessly integrate your compatible smartphone with your Nissan's infotainment system. This creates a familiar and user-friendly experience:

  • Access Your Favorite Apps: Use the car's larger touchscreen to access your favorite music streaming services, navigation apps, or make calls and send texts hands-free through voice commands or steering wheel buttons. No need to take your eyes off the road or reach for your phone.

  • Safety Comes First: By keeping your phone safely stored away and using voice commands or steering wheel controls, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto promote safer driving habits by minimizing distractions.

NissanConnect Services App: Your Remote Nissan Command Center:

  • Control Your Nissan from Afar: The NissanConnect Services app allows you to remotely access and control your Nissan from your smartphone. This app offers a suite of features that enhance convenience and peace of mind:

  • Remote Lock/Unlock: Leaving the office and unsure if you locked your Nissan? No worries! Use the NissanConnect Services app to remotely lock or unlock your car doors, eliminating the stress of potential lockouts.

  • Remote Start (on available models): Beat the weather with remote start. On cold winter mornings, use the app to start your Nissan remotely and pre-heat the cabin for a comfortable journey. Similarly, on scorching summer days, remotely start your car to cool down the interior before you get in.

  • Send Destination to Navigation: Found a great restaurant or point of interest on your phone? The NissanConnect Services app allows you to easily send the destination directly to your car's navigation system. This eliminates the need to manually input addresses while driving, keeping your focus on the road.

  • Vehicle Health Report: Proactive car care is essential. The NissanConnect Services app can provide a remote diagnostic report on your Nissan's health. This report can alert you to any potential maintenance issues, allowing you to schedule service appointments proactively and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

  • Wireless Phone Charging (on available models):

  • Keep Your Phone Powered Up: Say goodbye to tangled wires and dead batteries. Select Nissan models feature conveniently placed wireless charging pads embedded in the center console. Simply place your compatible smartphone on the pad, and it will automatically start charging. This ensures your phone stays powered up for navigation, hands-free calls, or entertainment throughout your journey.

By incorporating these innovative connectivity features, Nissan ensures you stay seamlessly connected, informed, and entertained on the road. Remember, always prioritize safety while driving and avoid using your phone or infotainment system in a way that can distract you from the road.

Driver Assistance: Technologies for a Smoother Ride

  • ProPILOT Assist: This advanced system goes beyond traditional cruise control, offering a semi-autonomous driving experience on highways with single-lane markings. ProPILOT Assist combines several technologies to make highway driving more comfortable and reduce fatigue:

  • Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC): Maintains a set distance from the car ahead, automatically slowing down and accelerating to maintain the gap.

  • Steering Assist: Helps keep the vehicle centered in its lane by providing gentle steering inputs. Remember, ProPILOT Assist is not an autonomous driving system, and drivers must remain engaged and keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

  • Traffic Trace Assist (on some models): Allows the system to come to a complete stop in heavy traffic and then restart automatically when traffic starts moving again, reducing driver fatigue in stop-and-go situations.

  • Nissan Safety Shield 360: This comprehensive suite of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) utilizes cameras, radar, and sonar sensors to enhance safety:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) with Pedestrian Detection: This system can potentially help avoid or mitigate a frontal collision with a detected vehicle or pedestrian by automatically applying emergency braking.

  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP): LDW warns you if you start to veer out of your lane unintentionally, while LDP can provide gentle steering correction to guide you back into your lane.

  • Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Blind Spot Intervention® (BSI): BSW warns you of vehicles approaching from your blind spot, while BSI can apply braking to help prevent a lane change if a collision risk is detected.

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA): Warns you of approaching vehicles when you're backing out of a parking space, potentially helping to avoid collisions.

  • High Beam Assist (HBA): Automatically adjusts your headlights between high and low beams based on oncoming traffic and surrounding light conditions, ensuring better visibility at night while preventing you from blinding other drivers.

Safety: A Shield of Advanced Technologies

  • Intelligent Around View Monitor (AVM): Provides a 360-degree bird's-eye view of your surroundings using multiple cameras. This can be especially helpful when navigating tight parking spaces, maneuvering in low-visibility conditions, or even checking for curbs or objects close to the wheels.

  • Driver Attention Alert (DAA): Combats driver fatigue by monitoring your driving patterns

Discover Advanced Nissan Technology at Mossy Nissan National City

At Mossy Nissan National City, we’re excited to bring these advanced technologies to our community. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or someone who appreciates the finer aspects of a comfortable ride, our range of Nissan models is equipped to enhance every minute you spend behind the wheel. From innovative safety systems to top-tier entertainment options, driving a Nissan from Mossy Nissan National City means experiencing the future of driving today.

Mossy Nissan National City stands at the forefront, offering vehicles that encapsulate years of innovation and forward-thinking. For those intrigued by how far automotive technology has come, especially within the Nissan lineup, dive into our comprehensive guide, The Evolution of Technology in Nissan Vehicles. This resource details the transformative journey from basic autos to today's high-tech marvels, highlighting how these enhancements improve your driving experience.

If your interest leans towards ownership, consider exploring our Certified Pre-Owned Nissan Cars in National City. Each vehicle passes stringent inspections to ensure they meet the high standards synonymous with Nissan's reputation for reliability and quality.

Additionally, for families and adventurers alike, our selection of Used Nissan SUVs Available in National City offers a variety of options that blend space, comfort, and advanced technology at a value that’s hard to beat. Visit Mossy Nissan National City today to see how our vehicles combine heritage with innovation, crafting the perfect ride for every driver in our community.

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